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eyes like flames


wreckage, m.d.

it tastes too much like medicine

i can feel the reflection within me

i am numb with anticipation

why won't the healing start to begin?

i said why? why?

fever has consumed me

why? why?

cause i'm a product of a sickened thief

i can smell the death rise in the air

my soul has lost the luster it once had

a spirit so tainted that none will compare

wilted in linen and rot in my bed

i'm wrapped up 

in this fucking vulnerability

i'm wrapped up

in this fucking animosity

feeding a weakness that reeks from my skin

and it's a stretch that is blinding me

painted in darkness this horror's within

blackspots and headaches are all i can see

i said why? why?

fever has consumed me

why? why?

cause i'm a product of sickened thief

sick of being sick of me

i have been captured and cannot release

taken from another it was taken from me


you were never told that you are special

but they made you pray to someone who is

or you could confront your devils

and your faith would hang on a cross with his

belief in yourself is not the answer

for you are not strong enough to survive

so you must rely on the father

to keep you safe, to keep you alive

salvation is flaunting forgiveness

forgiveness is haunted by sin

so go forth in this world and bear witness

see this crutch break, see this crutch bend

or pray to another for your identity

you will find peace but first you must die

and look in yourself for the holy trinity

referred in treason as

me, myself, and i

so feed on the flesh of the sainted

drink from his bloody wine

get drunk on the hope of redemption

the cost is your life and death pays the fine

nightmares and timeclocks

summon up the dead man

that hides in my skin

he's growing old and tired

of the shit he's bathing in

he wants to find religion

but instead he found a gun

hides it in his bible

his holy wars begun

i am just an angry man

scared of who i might be

and if there is not a god

who the hell created me

but you take me and break me

and make me forget

that i once knew peace

and you have taken it

so stand them up, line them up,

lock down the door

it's nine to five cleansing

til the blood is on the floor

fed up, broke up, dried up, and tied up

so rise up, now shut up,

it's the genius of my fuck up

save me, crucify me,

on your mechanical cross

crowning me, stabbing me,

in three days my soul is lost


all lyrics copyright dead cel factor