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eyes like flames



well it's easter. and kids i don't know what is up with dead cel factor. if anyone can give me some info, email me. otherwise, i sadly have to shut this site down. i'd like to thank everyone's support for coming here and seeing my first site i have created, going to the shows, showing your support for some good fucking music. and i'd like to thank dead cel factor, (wherever they disappeared to) for being real to me and an inspiration. and i love you joe, jess, billy, jason, wes, and ash. all of you are in my heart. i hope we get back in contact sometime, and let me know how you are doing. as i leave this site as the dead corpse it is, i part saying this:

i am always systematic

goodbye kids, and live for the moment.

alexis, your loyal webmistress


ok i have really put off updating this site. i was even planning to re-design it for eyes like flames 1 year anniversary on november 6, 2001. there has been a lot of changes in this world since the last update, but this site will live on. i as well as dead cel factor, recognize the september 11th attack. our hearts go out to those victims. dead cel factor played a benifit concert on september 20, 2001 supporting the united way september 11th fund. they are also in the fight the good fight benifit cd released october 9, 2001, featuring their new song, nightmares and timeclocks. but sadly, on october 17, 2001, alabama's real rock station 97.3 was taken off the air by cox broadcasting because they supposedly "weren't making enough money". this action affected many loyal listeners as well as dead cel factor. on behalf of all those who are pissed, i give them two middle fingers. fuck you. real rock lives on in the hearts of the fans. if you want to make a difference, you can sign a petition at bohemian rhapsody, or go to and print it out and get everyone you know to sign it. help bring real rock back to birmingham! i will bring you more information as it comes on that. i have put up more dates in the tour section. i'm working on putting up new links. sign my guestbook or email me some feedback or any band links i should put up.


the show at 5 points saturday was amazing. i got plenty of pictures of dcf and i will post them as soon as i get them developed. it was a small crowd, but dcf still kicked ass. and if you went, you probably saw me in the leather pants and the little leopard top. anyway, i will post more info as i get it. 


sorry about the lack of updates. procrastination is bad. anyways, i finally have the pics from january. check them out here. also, don't forget to check out dcf at the 5 points music hall on saturday, may 5. tickets are $7.50. of course i'll be there and yes i'm going to do the cds and take pictures. i have had many requests for more billy pictures so billy if you are reading this, be prepared! but i'll also make sure to get plenty of the rest of the band. i'll try my best to get some of jason. so come out may 5 and if you see me say hey.


ok i know there's a lack of updates, but i'll have my pics up later this week. in the meantime, dcf will play the nick on satuday, april 14. make sure to check that out.


well i got my pics back, turns out they weren't my dcf pics. so i'm putting the rest of them in this week so hopefully i will have them up here soon. i did get new pics of me so i put them in my personal page.


added a date to tour. pictures coming soon.


well i'm going to get my pictures done so i'm going to post them sometime soon. if you haven't noticed, the official page has been a ghost town for a long time now. a new official page is being created. i've seen it and it's going to be even better than the first one. it won't be ready for a while so this site is the primary dcf site for now. dcf will be playing saturday, may 5, 2001 at five points music hall. i'll have more info later on. if you are curious what dcf is up to, they are making new songs. if you've been to the more recent dcf concerts, you've probably heard 3 and wreckage m.d. i have the lyrics that joe gave me to put on this site. check them out here.


i have an update on the tour page and i made myself a profile page. go to contact and click on the girl. more coming soon!


i didn't go to the show, but i taped the radio performance they did. it was awesome. they played an acoustic performance of 3. if you were lucky enough to hear it, tell me what you think of it in the forum. i also would like to know how the show went so tell me about that, too.


tonight dcf plays the high note lounge. this show is 19 up. they also will be on rock 97.3 doing an interview before the show. if you go and get pictures, i'll post them here and credit you. sorry for the short notice.


added a date to the tour page. added a link to the audio page and to the links page.


a new date has been added to the tour page. i will post more dates as they are confirmed.


i have the lyrics to wreckage, m.d., 3, and the new song, nightmares and timeclocks. this exclusive is coming to you courtesy joe daemon, who requested i put these on the website for your pleasure. thanks, joe! you can check them out here. your comments are welcome at the forum.


i'm still recovering from the show. it was so awesome when they did aenema! anyway, i took pictures and i'll develop them soon. it was great to see all the familiar and new faces at the show. i know i put that drill 187 would open, but they cancelled and i didn't find out until the show. for those who went, i was the girl working at the cd stand in the leather. ash and wes came, too. they autographed my arm and so did jj. :) i know i haven't been doing much updating, but now that i am officially in the dcf "family", i will work harder to make this site even better than it was originally set to be. my goal is to make this site as fan-oriented as it can be. currently, i am working with dcf and their management to form the street team. with that, i will be able to inform you about what's coming up and maybe get them to do a few exclusives for this site. in the meantime, signing the guestbook is always appreciated.


as i have mentioned, the next dcf concert will be on saturday, january 20th at 5 points music hall. this is an all ages show. drill 187 is scheduled to open for dcf. i will be there taking pictures. i also encourage you to join my e-group


merry christmas celmates! i hope your christmas was as good as mine. anyway, dcf will be playing saturday, january 20 at 5 points music hall.


i didn't get to go to the nick wednesday. if anyone did and got pictures, send me some and i'll credit you. i have listed places to buy decafitated on the audio page. sorry about lack of updates. thanks to all the people who signed my guestbook and joined the e-group


i saw the guys at p.o.d. last friday. they like this site which i think is cool and i met josh their manager who was really nice. it was great to see the guys again and the show was great. why there hasn't been updates is because i've been waiting on josh to email me back about the nick. (hint hint) anyway, i put 41 down and fleshwreck's site links on the links page. i also linked 5 points and the nick on the tour page. as soon as i get more info, i'll post pics from the recent 5 points show that i took.


i added some new dates to the tour page. thanks to josh proctor, the new manager of dead cel factor for sending me that info. i also put a link to phatbak's page on the links page.


i went to the five points show last night and it was awesome! i didn't have any film, but i got pictures on my friend's camera. hopefully, i will get to see them soon. anyway, as you may already know, ash isn't with the band because he got married. filling in on drums is jason kennedy who did an amazing job on drums last night. i spent a lot of the night talking to jess, joe and jj about future plans. they will do a couple of shows and then head to the studio to work on a follow-up album. they all had a lot of love for jason so i feel this next album will be more of what they want it to be. i plan on getting a smaller video camera so i can put some footage up. if i do get a chance to see the pictures i took last night, then i will post them. also, the band is under new management. for more info and if you have any questions, join my e-group.


welcome to the birth of my dead cel factor page! i must say i am a fan and love their music. i made this page for all the celmates who feel the same way. i hope to add on to the bio and art pages. if you have any dead cel factor stuff you'd like to post, email me. in the meantime, look around and sign my guestbook.